Geriatrics Consulting Services
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Geriatric Specialties

Geriatric Specialties

Geriatrics Consulting Services is led by Dr. Haber, a professional medical director with a wealth of knowledge and experience in a host of acute inpatient and outpatient medical, subacute, skilled nursing, and residential care settings. She is equipped to provide direction to improve quality of care and identify efficiencies that positively impact all individuals involved in achieving a long-term care organization's mission and objectives.

What Is a Geriatric Consultation?

Geriatrics Consultation Services are provided by a Geriatric Medicine physician specialist trained in the care of older persons. Individualized assessments and care are provided where the person lives, be it the home, assisted living, or other long-term care facility setting, in order to meet the entire spectrum of biomedical, psychosocial, and functional health needs of the individual, the family, and the organizations that serve them. Where specific service needs for seniors are not always obvious, an initial evaluation conference can assist seniors and their families to identify the most appropriate Geriatrics Consultation Services for their individual situation.

What Is an Organizational Consultation?

Geriatrics Consulting Services is also available for organizational consultations. These organizational consultation services are similarly designed to be specific to the identified needs of the particular organization. When referrals to other disciplines or services are warranted, these are coordinated to assure that the care provided remains appropriate to meet identified needs. The purpose for providing Geriatrics Consulting Services is to preserve dignity, promote functional independence, and optimize quality of life for seniors and caregivers alike.

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