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Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment

Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment

A Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment is designed to complement the care provided by the primary care physician. Assessments are frequently requested for concerns about general frailty, polypharmacy, and other common geriatric conditions, including falls, pain, and so-called "failure to thrive." We conduct the evaluation where the person lives, be it a house, apartment, assisted living center, nursing home, or other care facility, to make the patient feel as comfortable as possible and to see the patient’s care environment. We believe this is the best place to incorporate the entire spectrum of biomedical, psychosocial, and functional health needs.

When conducted by GCS, a Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment includes the following:

  • Detailed medical and functional evaluation in the home;
  • Review of medications, therapies, and compliance issues;
  • Evaluation of mental status and decision-making abilities;
  • Recommendation of medical studies or therapies;
  • Discovery of and problem solving around unmet needs; and
  • Suggestions to optimize functional health, including diet and exercise.

Based on the evaluation, a written report to the primary care physician provides recommendations that may be incorporated into the patient's ongoing plan of care. A plan for periodic follow-ups with the geriatrics consultant may be suggested.

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