Geriatrics Consulting Services
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Medical Care Management

Medical Care Management

Finding an Advocate within the Medical System

There are times when a patient or family seeks an advocate within the medical system, for medical care management or for a medical "second opinion," to ensure and reassure themselves that their loved one is receiving the best possible care. In fact, seeking an advocate within the medical system may be the primary rationale for requesting a Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment or other personalized Geriatric Consultation services.

As a Board Certified Geriatric Medicine specialist with graduate degrees in Public Health and Social Work and a great deal of management and clinical experience, Dr. Haber is adept at providing geriatric consultation services and facilitating communication that helps patients, families, other care givers, and other care providers get on the same page. Not only a skilled diagnostician, Dr. Haber is also well-versed in oral and written communication, advocacy, and mediation to ensure the best possible health care and medical care management for patients and clients.

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