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Decision-Making & Functional Status

Decision-Making & Functional Status

Assessment of Decision-Making & Functional Status

Some changes in memory and cognition are consistent with "normal" aging; others suggest disease. Differentiating among these is not always easy, but the distinction may be very important to the overall well-being of the individual and his or her family.

More broadly, Functional Assessment incorporates a detailed evaluation of physical, sensory, cognitive and emotional functioning in the setting where the patient lives. Geriatrics Consulting Services assesses the patient’s ability to manage basic daily living tasks, such as feeding, dressing, grooming, bathing and toileting, and to accomplish more sophisticated tasks, such as managing finances, transportation, and a safe home environment. Findings from this evaluation may include potential problems in memory, judgment, and other cognitive processes.

Dr. Haber’s Recommendations

Based on the findings and an evaluation of medical needs, optimal therapies and regimens, caregiver availability, environmental constraints, and projections about future needs, Dr. Haber will make recommendations designed to optimize and preserve safe, healthful, independent functioning. These recommendations may include suggestions for additional assistance, therapy, or a different living environment (level of care), with periodic follow-up reassessments as indicated. 

Dr. Haber emphasizes honest and sensitive appraisals of potential deficits, minimizing their impacts, preservation of strengths, anticipation of further declines, promotion of quality of life, and protection of individual dignity.

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