Geriatrics Consulting Services
Michele Ann Haber, MD, MS, MPH

Geriatric Consulting Services provides personalized medical care to seniors and their families, and the organizations that serve them. For patients, assessments are conducted where the person lives, be it a family home, assisted living center, or other care facility, because that is the best place to incorporate the entire spectrum of biomedical, psychosocial and functional health needs. Philosophically, the belief is that "less is more", and that age alone should never be a barrier to competent, compassionate and comprehensive health care.

Services Provided

?         Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment

?         Specialized Alzheimer's Disease Care

?         Assessment of Decision-Making and Functional Status

?         Medical Care Management and Advocacy

?         End of Life Care

?         Forensic Genetics

?         Organizational Consultation and Staff Development